Artificial Solutions Department


Artificial Solutions Department

If the testing & diagnostics processes are done and the treatment plan either fails or is not a viable option, are we out of options?

Not really! With our incredible range of artificial solutions, we are ready to make either the IVF or any other option work for you and your family!

Also, it’s worth noting that Our Fertility Center has the only operational donor egg bank in the U.S. using vitrification to freeze eggs.

Meet Our Doctors

Here at our Testing & Diagnostics Dept. we’re dedicated to assessing the state of your reproductive health in the fastest and most precise manner! In short, this is the first department of them all that you’re going to visit at our clinic, even if you’ve already checked your reproductive health elsewhere before!

Dean Thomas

Reproduction Specialist

Dr. Thomas was born in Vienna, Austria, where originally began his medical studies at the Vienna University Medical

Jerry McStanton

Reproduction Specialist

Immediately following his graduation, Dr. McStanton was appointed to the medical school faculty of Mount Sinai School of

Lewis Parole

Reproduction Specialist

Lewis Parole has penned hundreds of highly acclaimed scientific papers, abstract articles and book chapter, all focusing on

Treatment Plans

Each specific case is different in its own way, but our plans vary as well! Here’s the list of the most popular services that our plastic surgery department offers:

  • DHEA & Fertility $155
  • Egg Donation Program $145
  • Embryo Donation $135
  • FET $125
  • ICSI $115
  • IUI $105
  • IVF $100
  • Male Infertility Treatments $155
  • Egg Freezing & Fertility Preservation $145
  • PGD $135
  • Gender Selection $125
  • Hysterosalpingogram (HSG) $115
  • Hysterosonograms (HSN) $105
  • Tubal Perfusion Pressure (TPP) $100